Professional Silk Screen Printing

We do not believe in the “design it yourself and upload to our website” model!

Our team works with you on each project in it’s entirety, in order to eliminate any surprise factors upon completion. We strive to create incredible value for our clients, and believe that our approach to customer service and lasting relationships truly separates us from the print “factories” online.

Wordcamp NYC 2014

We turn any design into Professional Garments

Proud sponsor of WordCamp 2014

The Graf-x team has been proactively supportive of our local conference twice in a row. They did a great job with our t-shirt print orders and ensuring final product was delivered as promised, on time.

Krista Gonzalez

Organizer, WordCamp NYC

The WCNYC team and I have been reviewing the phenomenal attendee feedback regarding the August WordCamp in NYC. We know that none of it would have been possible without awesome sponsors like you. Graf-X Unlimited was an integral part of making our vision of what a WordCamp in NYC would be like; a reality.
Mikel King

WordCamp NYC, Sponsor Liaison, WordCamp 2014

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We offer a full spectrum of  garment brands, styles and colors.  We will work with you to design the perfect order.

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